Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to enjoy the best of Reunion Tower Dallas

General FAQ

What happens to my ticket if I can no longer visit on the day that I purchased?
Tickets purchased online are valid for 30 days.
What is the difference between General Admission and Day/Night Admission?
General Admission tickets are only valid for one use, but why limit yourself to one view when you can get two? Day/Night Admission will allow you to visit twice in 24 hours! On a clear day you can see almost 32 miles and at night you can view the breathtaking city lights around Reunion Tower. An added view, the light installations on the GeO-Deck interior! They are the perfect backdrop for your next photo!
Is there a time limit for my visit and can I leave and come back later in the day?
There is no time limit! Please feel free to take in the tower experience at your own pace! If you would like to visit later in the day we do have Day/Night Admission available. This will allow you to visit twice in 24 hours and these tickets are available online and at the ticket counter.
Do I have to purchase a ticket for a select time?
No need to select a specific time! Come on over for a visit when you are ready! When purchasing tickets online simply select a specific date. And don’t forget, tickets are always available at the ticket counter as well, so there is no need to decide ahead of time!
What if I'm sightseeing and want to keep a flexible schedule?

CityPASS includes admission to Reunion Tower GeO-Deck plus 3 more top Dallas attractions, at a savings of 41%. CityPASS is valid for one general admission to each attraction during its 9-day validity period, so you don’t need to lock into a specific visit date. LEARN MORE

What is the address for rideshare pick-up and drop-off?

For rideshare pick-up and drop-off locations, please use this address:

400 S Houston St, Dallas, TX 75202

I want to purchase GeO-Deck tickets as a gift. What do you suggest?
You have selected the perfect present! GeO-Deck tickets are great gifts for friends visiting from out of town or even for locals who have not seen our newly remodeled image since the renovation! Gift Tickets are available for purchase at the ticket counter and are valid for one year!
Do I need a reservation for Cloud Nine Café and/or do I need a GeO-Deck ticket to access this level?
No reservations required! Just come on up; after your GeO-Deck visit! Cloud Nine Café, located one level above the GeO-Deck, is part of the tower experience. *Guests must purchase GeO-Deck admission to gain access to Cloud Nine Café. Menus subject to change seasonally and based on item availability. The Cloud Nine Café reserves the right to close in part or whole without notice for private events, holidays, inclement weather or facility upgrades.
Can I bring my own lunch to Cloud Nine Café or do I have to order from the menu?
You won’t want to bring your own lunch! Cloud Nine Café offers delicious meals and snacks, highlighting local Texas ingredients by Wolfgang Puck.
Is there a dress code for the GeO-Deck or Cloud Nine Café?
Similar to many public venues, we strive to maintain a family-friendly environment. For the GeO-Deck and Cloud Nine, please come as you are! However, guests without shirts, shoes, etc. will not be permitted entrance. For fine-dining restaurant, Five Sixty, please call 212-741-2560 for more information about required attire.
Which levels rotate and when?
Cloud Nine Café, located one level above the GeO-Deck, currently rotates daily for lunch, private events and special Reunion Tower promotional events. Additionally, the fine-dining restaurant located at the top, Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck, rotates every evening from 5:00 PM until close.
Is the GeO-Deck ADA compliant?
Yes, the tower is completely accessible. You will have easy access to each level in a wheelchair or crutches! There is also handicap parking in the Reunion Tower parking lot and valet is available after 5:00 PM
Can I bring professional photography equipment to the GeO-Deck?
You are welcome to bring your personal camera but professional photography equipment for commercial use must be approved by RTOC management. Simply send an email to [email protected] and we will send you a photography request form. It is that easy!
Can I bring my child’s stroller up to the GeO-Deck?
Due to fire safety codes, strollers are not permitted. Reunion Tower offers stroller parking at the security checkpoint located at the base of the tower. Removable infant carriers and wearables are permitted.
Do I need to notify someone if I plan on proposing in the tower?
Notification is not required. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to check out our all-inclusive couple’s package Love is in the Air here!
Can I request my own light show?
As you can see, our light shows are pretty impressive and each show is individually designed and programmed! Lightshows cannot be purchased. The Tower displays special light shows in honor of citywide events, local sports teams’ wins and, of course, holidays. If you think your event qualifies and you would like to submit a lightshow request for consideration, please allow for a 30 day response time. Requests should be sent to [email protected]
Do I need to make a reservation for Cloud Nine Café if I have a large group?
No reservation necessary! We can accommodate groups of any size! If you have a group of 15 or more and would like to make sure your group will have a table at a specific time then please, feel free to call our general line to make a reservation.