FISHing for Great Culture

FISHing for Great Culture


Here at Reunion Tower we are the first to admit when Human Resources presented the team with a new approach to guest services we were nervous to hear it involved fish!? Don’t worry readers, you always get the inside-the-tank view of life at the top, so here’s how we are embracing The FISH! Philosophy.


Reunion Tower didn’t invent The FISH! Philosophy, but we implement the four practices developed by John Christensen based on his observations at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington.


Our employees are committed to practicing the following qualities:

  • Be There – genuine and attentive engagement
  • Play – uplifting and positive actions
  • Make Their Day – exceed expectations
  • Choose Your Attitude – foster encouragement and teamwork


Based on the four practices of the FISH! Philosophy, an Ambassador is named the “Fish of the Week” and is awarded the traveling fish trophy. It serves as a physical reminder of the accomplishment and as an incentive for others to put their best FISH! forward the following week.




Teamwork and strong employee relationships translate into remarkable guest service. As we achieve our internal FISH! goals, we pass the same practices along to our visitors each day.


Have you been the recipient of excellent guest service at the GeO-Deck? Share your experience and let us know!

Can You Catch these Fast Views?

On a clear day, Reunion Tower GeO-Deck guests in Dallas can see 32 miles west to Fort Worth. That’s all the way to the other side of our combined metropolitan area! Our friends to the west have some amazing views, including some at Texas Motor Speedway  that are faster than 225 miles per hour.


Texas Motor Speedway is the racing facility of Texas and has an estimated capacity of over 181,000 spectators. It’s also the home of Big Hoss TV, the world’s largest HD TV screen. Visitors can watch a variety of races year-round or participate in the track’s summer Friday Night Drags series! The Reunion Tower GeO-Deck is a proud sponsor of the street-style drag racing’s Street Bandit Division.


Extra fun fact, the Tower is almost as tall as the one-eighth-mile drag racing pit road is long!


Reunion Tower is the cheerleader of the Dallas skyline and loves to root for DFW sporting events. Next time a big race is in town, check out the skyline for a glimpse of a special Texas Motor Speedway themed light show!




You have to catch these views before they are gone! Enjoy a fun Dallas weekend with a CityPASS and stay for more sights in Fort Worth with a Fort Worth Passport.

The Ultimate Way to Show Your Love for Dallas

Love is always in the air at Reunion Tower. Love for another, love for travel and love for Dallas. Readers of The Upsider learn a lot about Reunion Tower’s influence on the community, but there’s more to know about its impact on our guests from around the world.


All Dallasites feel that Reunion Tower belongs to them on some level, and we knew it was important to invent a way for guests to leave their mark on the Tower. We created a digital time capsule to document the special memories of each visit and lock that love for the Tower into our concept called Constellation.


Constellation is our digital, interactive experience that lets you write your love in the stars.  It consists of a series of touch screen monitors located along the inner wall of the GeO-Deck. Screen prompts encourage each person to create an avatar, add their name and geographical information and describe their experience with creative illustrations.



Each visit begins as a single star, and additional visits result in a larger Constellation. It’s a unique way to digitally design a memory and build onto it with every visit.


Have you commemorated your visit to Reunion Tower? Make plans to visit with your loved ones to create a memory that will last for years!

Birthdays Shouldn’t be Complicated

Reunion Tower was the site of the most over-the-TOP party in town when the 560-foot icon of the Dallas skyline, celebrated a milestone birthday in April 2018. The GeO-Deck was transformed into a festive headquarters as guests experienced the 360-degree view of the best Dallas has to offer, special guests and birthday gifts! Followers of The Upsider can read on to re-live the excitement.


For 40 years, locals have affectionately touted the “The Ball” as the heart of Dallas and its outgoing persona has continued to grow. A brief look into the past shows the installation of energy-saving custom-designed LED lights and the grand opening of the GeO-Deck. However, the focus of Reunion Tower is fixed on the future with interactive exhibits and programming that welcomes new generations of visitors with opportunities to experience the 360-degree view in new and exciting ways.


In the true spirit of a thoughtful Texan, it’s always better to give than receive, and Reunion Tower knows how to give a gift!  Every weekend, a brand new colorful light show now shines as a gift to the city. This new design puts a spin on the classic warm white lights that Dallasites see on many nights by adding a burst of color to welcome the weekend.


Of course, receiving is fun too, and Reunion Tower is fortunate to have so many friends and partners that sent birthday wishes from near and far.



Birthdays should be celebrated with friends! Head up to the GeO-Deck to party anytime at 470-feet above Dallas, or have a blast all over town when you purchase CityPASS

2 People Reunion Tower Wants You to Know

Readers of The Upsider learn key features about Reunion Tower and the role it plays in Dallas culture. Just like any person, the Tower enjoys its 15-minutes of fame, and one of its first starring roles was in the opening credits of the TV series Dallas.

Creating the memoir of a city is made possible in part by showcasing the people who shaped and influenced it. Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy fit that description as true top Dallasites for their roles as Sue Ellen Ewing and Bobby Ewing in the popular show. Fact or fiction aside, the show had generations of viewers hooked with the tales of a wealthy family caught in perpetual drama.

As a part of the 40-year anniversary of the Dallas TV series, Reunion Tower had to come up with the perfect present to celebrate the milestone. The gift had to befit a show that put the 560-foot icon and its shimmering counterpart, Hyatt Regency Dallas, in the living rooms of homes around the world for 14 seasons.

Fortunately, the perfect gesture was created, a brand-new light show, that put a spin on the classic warm white lights that Dallasites see on many nights. The new light patterns transformed The Ball into a shimmering orb to demonstrate all the glitz deserved by a Dallas institution.

Celebrate your love for the series by visiting the GeO-Deck after a day of hanging out at Southfork Ranch. See what the city of Dallas has to offer at 470-feet while the skyline continues to evolve as the show-stopping, scene stealer for a perfect vacation, romantic date night and more!

5 Tips for the Perfect Dallas Field Trip

We like to make life easy for readers of the Upsider. With over 340 square miles of things to see and do in Dallas, planning the ideal trip for a large or small group can be a challenge. Our perfect field trip tips will make your visit to Dallas unforgettable.

Create pre- and post-visit activities. Generate excitement in advance by studying the Dallas landscape. Upon arrival to the GeO-Deck, enhance concepts like physics, geometry and meteorology at 470 feet above Dallas. Our team can offer ideas based on our custom curriculum designed with all age groups in mind.

Plan for Texas weather. Prepare to trade cowboy boots for rain boots or flip flops! The GeO-Deck offers both indoor and outdoor views. Let the breeze cool you down on a sunny day, or shelter from the chill while taking in the best 360-degree view of Dallas.


Take advantage of unique opportunities. Discover all of what you can see from the top of the Tower. Our interactive exhibits allow guests an opportunity to locate hidden gems, historic landmarks, museums, parks and more.

Stick to a schedule. Organize your day with breaks for the restroom, meals and photo opportunities in mind. Your Reunion Tower group visit includes a photo at our PIX station and the option to eat on our revolving Cloud Nine level.

Make parking arrangements in advance. Confirm that the parking lot can accommodate your vehicle type and if cash or credit is required for payment. Identify the best place to drop-off and pick-up the members of your group. Reunion Tower has onsite personal vehicle and bus parking and is ready to direct your group to our convenient drop-off locations.

We host field trips of all kinds! Girl scouts, boy scouts, community recreation centers, birthday parties and more. Call 214-712-7040 or message our team today to discuss pricing, STEM/STEAM ideas or guided tour opportunities.

Why We Love The Dallas Zoo (And You Should, Too!)

Reunion Tower Ambassadors have several tips to enhance panoramic Dallas views from 470-feet on the outdoor GeO-Deck. As a reader of the Upsider, you may already know what key piece of equipment is installed at regular intervals around the outer observation ring. High-powered telescopes make it possible to distinguish The Texas Star from The Top of Texas and allow us to almost make out the tip of a giraffe’s nose on a well-known fixture at the Dallas Zoo. 

Reunion Tower and the Dallas Zoo have had a longstanding partnership since the GeO-Deck reopened in 2013. The Tower has been a beacon to signal the arrival of a new zoo baby or special exhibit, and the Zoo is quick to shower its BFF with affection on social media. 

There are plenty of reasons to love a zoo that’s (almost) as big as Texas, because it’s the largest zoo in Texas with 106 developed acres. As the first founded zoo in Texas (1888), it continues to add new exhibits, most recently in 2017 with the Simmons Hippo Outpost. It was the zoo’s first major exhibit since the award-winning Giants of the Savanna opened in 2010. 

This spring break, each day will feature a different delight from Magical Monday to Tall Tales with the Dallas Public Library and up-close encounters with the Dallas Zoo’s Animal Adventures team. 

Have you made plans for Spring Break? Buy your CityPASS now to visit Reunion Tower and see the best of what Dallas has to offer! 

Think You’re Cut Out To Be Reunion Tower’s President? Here’s What It Takes

National holidays often inspire fun promotions at Reunion Tower and throughout the country. This Presidents Day inspired us to describe the role of Reunion Tower President to readers of the Upsider.

Reunion Tower President Dusti Groskreutz wasn’t always a Texan, but this adventurous executive from the Pacific Northwest has quickly settled into a life that is a careful balance of work, family and service to the North Texas community.

Dusti’s passion for guest experience began as a summer job and turned into a full-time career. She got her start in the tourism industry at Seattle’s Space Needle while working her way through college. A little over 27 years later, she can share her vast knowledge with members of her team and partner organizations. Dusti’s competencies include management, operations, guest services, facilities, marketing, engineering, training, construction and redesign, capital planning and events – all involving retail and tourist destinations.

When Dusti isn’t chauffeuring three tweens and comparing hectic family schedules with her husband, she can be found on the GeO-Deck performing a technology inspection, in her office approving creative for a marketing campaign, or taking in a quick, quiet moment with a steaming tumbler of organic green tea.

As the North Texas tourism industry continues to grow, so does Dusti’s commitment to promote memorable experiences. She recently accepted board positions in support of the World Federation of Great Towers and VisitDallas.

Do you share Dusti’s passion for guest experience? Apply now to join life at the top.

The Only Cheat Sheet You Need for Romance (at Reunion Tower)

Are you ever accused of being over the top? Reunion Tower is the expert when it comes to creating a romantic night to remember. Readers of the Upsider have access to the ultimate insight on the most romantic place in Dallas, where Love is in the Air.

Reunion Tower has long been a destination for love and romance. Hundreds of proposals take place at the Tower each year, and couples flock to Reunion Tower to celebrate their adoration all year round. Reunion Tower has staff dedicated solely to creating perfect date nights and proposals, and sometimes staff members receive a surprise of their own.



In 2017, the call started like any other, and ended with a high-profile proposal, high above the Dallas skyline. It took Allen Evans about 3 months to plan the perfect way to pop the question, but it didn’t take long to choose the venue – the observation deck at Reunion Tower.

She said YES, and the wedding of beloved Kidd Kraddick Morning show host Kellie Rasberry and Allen went down in fairytale history on July 1, 2017.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…a shared love for podcasting? It’s true, the love story continues, with the successful launch of A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ and a logo reveal that could only be hosted where it all began, at the top of Dallas – Reunion Tower.


Ready to experience breathtaking views with your sweetheart? Call 214-712-7040 or contact us online to customize your dazzling date night.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Reunion Tower


Become a Reunion Tower expert! Welcome to the first edition of the Upsider, a guide designed to heighten your knowledge of Reunion Tower. Each post will feature a unique aspect of Reunion Tower including Company Culture, Featured Guest Visits, Top Dallasites and Love Stories.

As it is affectionately known by locals, “The Ball” has been a staple of the Dallas skyline since 1978. It’s 259 exterior LED lights can be seen for miles, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

How has Reunion Tower made a lasting impact on the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex? View this list of 8 Upsider facts about Reunion Tower and make plans to experience each element for yourself.

1 amazing fireworks show, AT&T Streaming Lights at Reunion Tower, to welcome 2018.

3, the number of floors inside “The Ball.” At the very top, a fine-dining restaurant – Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck, in the middle, a casual café and event space – Cloud Nine and at 470 feet in the air, the GeO-Deck – the only local indoor/outdoor observation deck for breathtaking panoramic views of Dallas and the surrounding area.

4, the number of years that the observation deck, the GeO-Deck, has been open, after a complete Reunion Tower renovation kept it closed for 5 years.

15 miles, how far away the 259 exterior LED lights can be seen shining brightly while displaying Reunion Tower’s nightly light shows.

20 interactive touch screens, or The Halo, located on the interior observation deck allows guests to discover hidden gems, historic landmarks, museums, parks and more.

32 miles, the distance to Fort Worth, visible from the GeO-Deck on a clear day.

35 Reunion Tower employees, called Ambassadors, work on the GeO-Deck and run office operations.

39, Reunion Tower’s current age. The Tower will celebrate its 40th birthday in April 2018.

Can’t wait to learn more about the icon of Dallas? Follow @ReunionTower on social media as “The Ball” reveals its upcoming plans to celebrate its 40th birthday