Think You’re Cut Out To Be Reunion Tower’s President? Here’s What It Takes

National holidays often inspire fun promotions at Reunion Tower and throughout the country. This Presidents Day inspired us to describe the role of Reunion Tower President to readers of the Upsider.

Reunion Tower President Dusti Groskreutz wasn’t always a Texan, but this adventurous executive from the Pacific Northwest has quickly settled into a life that is a careful balance of work, family and service to the North Texas community.

Dusti’s passion for guest experience began as a summer job and turned into a full-time career. She got her start in the tourism industry at Seattle’s Space Needle while working her way through college. A little over 27 years later, she can share her vast knowledge with members of her team and partner organizations. Dusti’s competencies include management, operations, guest services, facilities, marketing, engineering, training, construction and redesign, capital planning and events – all involving retail and tourist destinations.

When Dusti isn’t chauffeuring three tweens and comparing hectic family schedules with her husband, she can be found on the GeO-Deck performing a technology inspection, in her office approving creative for a marketing campaign, or taking in a quick, quiet moment with a steaming tumbler of organic green tea.

As the North Texas tourism industry continues to grow, so does Dusti’s commitment to promote memorable experiences. She recently accepted board positions in support of the World Federation of Great Towers and VisitDallas.

Do you share Dusti’s passion for guest experience? Apply now to join life at the top.