The Ultimate Way to Show Your Love for Dallas

Love is always in the air at Reunion Tower. Love for another, love for travel and love for Dallas. Readers of The Upsider learn a lot about Reunion Tower’s influence on the community, but there’s more to know about its impact on our guests from around the world.


All Dallasites feel that Reunion Tower belongs to them on some level, and we knew it was important to invent a way for guests to leave their mark on the Tower. We created a digital time capsule to document the special memories of each visit and lock that love for the Tower into our concept called Constellation.


Constellation is our digital, interactive experience that lets you write your love in the stars.  It consists of a series of touch screen monitors located along the inner wall of the GeO-Deck. Screen prompts encourage each person to create an avatar, add their name and geographical information and describe their experience with creative illustrations.



Each visit begins as a single star, and additional visits result in a larger Constellation. It’s a unique way to digitally design a memory and build onto it with every visit.


Have you commemorated your visit to Reunion Tower? Make plans to visit with your loved ones to create a memory that will last for years!