FISHing for Great Culture

FISHing for Great Culture


Here at Reunion Tower we are the first to admit when Human Resources presented the team with a new approach to guest services we were nervous to hear it involved fish!? Don’t worry readers, you always get the inside-the-tank view of life at the top, so here’s how we are embracing The FISH! Philosophy.


Reunion Tower didn’t invent The FISH! Philosophy, but we implement the four practices developed by John Christensen based on his observations at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington.


Our employees are committed to practicing the following qualities:

  • Be There – genuine and attentive engagement
  • Play – uplifting and positive actions
  • Make Their Day – exceed expectations
  • Choose Your Attitude – foster encouragement and teamwork


Based on the four practices of the FISH! Philosophy, an Ambassador is named the “Fish of the Week” and is awarded the traveling fish trophy. It serves as a physical reminder of the accomplishment and as an incentive for others to put their best FISH! forward the following week.




Teamwork and strong employee relationships translate into remarkable guest service. As we achieve our internal FISH! goals, we pass the same practices along to our visitors each day.


Have you been the recipient of excellent guest service at the GeO-Deck? Share your experience and let us know!