2 People Reunion Tower Wants You to Know

Readers of The Upsider learn key features about Reunion Tower and the role it plays in Dallas culture. Just like any person, the Tower enjoys its 15-minutes of fame, and one of its first starring roles was in the opening credits of the TV series Dallas.

Creating the memoir of a city is made possible in part by showcasing the people who shaped and influenced it. Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy fit that description as true top Dallasites for their roles as Sue Ellen Ewing and Bobby Ewing in the popular show. Fact or fiction aside, the show had generations of viewers hooked with the tales of a wealthy family caught in perpetual drama.

As a part of the 40-year anniversary of the Dallas TV series, Reunion Tower had to come up with the perfect present to celebrate the milestone. The gift had to befit a show that put the 560-foot icon and its shimmering counterpart, Hyatt Regency Dallas, in the living rooms of homes around the world for 14 seasons.

Fortunately, the perfect gesture was created, a brand-new light show, that put a spin on the classic warm white lights that Dallasites see on many nights. The new light patterns transformed The Ball into a shimmering orb to demonstrate all the glitz deserved by a Dallas institution.

Celebrate your love for the series by visiting the GeO-Deck after a day of hanging out at Southfork Ranch. See what the city of Dallas has to offer at 470-feet while the skyline continues to evolve as the show-stopping, scene stealer for a perfect vacation, romantic date night and more!