Sep 01 2017 - Jul 06 2018


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Interactive Experience: Reunion Tower Constellation

Constellation is Reunion Tower’s brand new digital, interactive experience that lets you write your love in the stars.*

Your personalized design could represent your love for another person, your love for travel, or even your love for Dallas.

Constellation is a series of touch screen monitors located along the inner wall of the GeO-Deck; screen prompts encourage visitors to add their name and geographical information to a star, create an avatar and describe their experience with creative illustrations. Each visit begins as a single “star,” and additional visits result in a larger Constellation.

“It’s fun, it reminds me of the Paris locks, the locks you put on that bridge. Knowing I had left an impression there would definitely make me more likely to come back.” – Dallas Resident

*Guests can access Constellation when they purchase a GeO-Deck admission ticket