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FISHing for Great Culture

FISHing for Great Culture   Here at Reunion Tower we are the first to admit when Human Resources presented the team with a new approach to guest services we were nervous to hear it involved fish!? Don’t worry readers, you always get the inside-the-tank view of life at the top, so here’s how we are […]

Can You Catch these Fast Views?

On a clear day, Reunion Tower GeO-Deck guests in Dallas can see 32 miles west to Fort Worth. That’s all the way to the other side of our combined metropolitan area! Our friends to the west have some amazing views, including some at Texas Motor Speedway  that are faster than 225 miles per hour.   […]

The Ultimate Way to Show Your Love for Dallas

Love is always in the air at Reunion Tower. Love for another, love for travel and love for Dallas. Readers of The Upsider learn a lot about Reunion Tower’s influence on the community, but there’s more to know about its impact on our guests from around the world.   All Dallasites feel that Reunion Tower […]

Birthdays Shouldn’t be Complicated

Reunion Tower was the site of the most over-the-TOP party in town when the 560-foot icon of the Dallas skyline, celebrated a milestone birthday in April 2018. The GeO-Deck was transformed into a festive headquarters as guests experienced the 360-degree view of the best Dallas has to offer, special guests and birthday gifts! Followers of […]

2 People Reunion Tower Wants You to Know

Readers of The Upsider learn key features about Reunion Tower and the role it plays in Dallas culture. Just like any person, the Tower enjoys its 15-minutes of fame, and one of its first starring roles was in the opening credits of the TV series Dallas. Creating the memoir of a city is made possible […]

5 Tips for the Perfect Dallas Field Trip

We like to make life easy for readers of the Upsider. With over 340 square miles of things to see and do in Dallas, planning the ideal trip for a large or small group can be a challenge. Our perfect field trip tips will make your visit to Dallas unforgettable. Create pre- and post-visit activities. […]

Why We Love The Dallas Zoo (And You Should, Too!)

Reunion Tower Ambassadors have several tips to enhance panoramic Dallas views from 470-feet on the outdoor GeO-Deck. As a reader of the Upsider, you may already know what key piece of equipment is installed at regular intervals around the outer observation ring. High-powered telescopes make it possible to distinguish The Texas Star from The Top of Texas and allow us to almost make out the tip of a giraffe’s nose on a well-known fixture at the Dallas Zoo.  Reunion Tower and the Dallas Zoo have had a […]

Think You’re Cut Out To Be Reunion Tower’s President? Here’s What It Takes

National holidays often inspire fun promotions at Reunion Tower and throughout the country. This Presidents Day inspired us to describe the role of Reunion Tower President to readers of the Upsider. Reunion Tower President Dusti Groskreutz wasn’t always a Texan, but this adventurous executive from the Pacific Northwest has quickly settled into a life that […]

The Only Cheat Sheet You Need for Romance (at Reunion Tower)

Are you ever accused of being over the top? Reunion Tower is the expert when it comes to creating a romantic night to remember. Readers of the Upsider have access to the ultimate insight on the most romantic place in Dallas, where Love is in the Air. Reunion Tower has long been a destination for […]

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Reunion Tower

  Become a Reunion Tower expert! Welcome to the first edition of the Upsider, a guide designed to heighten your knowledge of Reunion Tower. Each post will feature a unique aspect of Reunion Tower including Company Culture, Featured Guest Visits, Top Dallasites and Love Stories. As it is affectionately known by locals, “The Ball” has […]