5 Tips for the Perfect Dallas Field Trip

We like to make life easy for readers of the Upsider. With over 340 square miles of things to see and do in Dallas, planning the ideal trip for a large or small group can be a challenge. Our perfect field trip tips will make your visit to Dallas unforgettable.

Create pre- and post-visit activities. Generate excitement in advance by studying the Dallas landscape. Upon arrival to the GeO-Deck, enhance concepts like physics, geometry and meteorology at 470 feet above Dallas. Our team can offer ideas based on our custom curriculum designed with all age groups in mind.

Plan for Texas weather. Prepare to trade cowboy boots for rain boots or flip flops! The GeO-Deck offers both indoor and outdoor views. Let the breeze cool you down on a sunny day, or shelter from the chill while taking in the best 360-degree view of Dallas.


Take advantage of unique opportunities. Discover all of what you can see from the top of the Tower. Our interactive exhibits allow guests an opportunity to locate hidden gems, historic landmarks, museums, parks and more.

Stick to a schedule. Organize your day with breaks for the restroom, meals and photo opportunities in mind. Your Reunion Tower group visit includes a photo at our PIX station and the option to eat on our revolving Cloud Nine level.

Make parking arrangements in advance. Confirm that the parking lot can accommodate your vehicle type and if cash or credit is required for payment. Identify the best place to drop-off and pick-up the members of your group. Reunion Tower has onsite personal vehicle and bus parking and is ready to direct your group to our convenient drop-off locations.

We host field trips of all kinds! Girl scouts, boy scouts, community recreation centers, birthday parties and more. Call 214-712-7040 or message our team today to discuss pricing, STEM/STEAM ideas or guided tour opportunities.

Why We Love The Dallas Zoo (And You Should, Too!)

Reunion Tower Ambassadors have several tips to enhance panoramic Dallas views from 470-feet on the outdoor GeO-Deck. As a reader of the Upsider, you may already know what key piece of equipment is installed at regular intervals around the outer observation ring. High-powered telescopes make it possible to distinguish The Texas Star from The Top of Texas and allow us to almost make out the tip of a giraffe’s nose on a well-known fixture at the Dallas Zoo. 

Reunion Tower and the Dallas Zoo have had a longstanding partnership since the GeO-Deck reopened in 2013. The Tower has been a beacon to signal the arrival of a new zoo baby or special exhibit, and the Zoo is quick to shower its BFF with affection on social media. 

There are plenty of reasons to love a zoo that’s (almost) as big as Texas, because it’s the largest zoo in Texas with 106 developed acres. As the first founded zoo in Texas (1888), it continues to add new exhibits, most recently in 2017 with the Simmons Hippo Outpost. It was the zoo’s first major exhibit since the award-winning Giants of the Savanna opened in 2010. 

This spring break, each day will feature a different delight from Magical Monday to Tall Tales with the Dallas Public Library and up-close encounters with the Dallas Zoo’s Animal Adventures team. 

Have you made plans for Spring Break? Buy your CityPASS now to visit Reunion Tower and see the best of what Dallas has to offer!